Who Is The BLU Market?

Founded in 2012, The BLU Market claims to provide a middle-man service between influencers and major businesses and advertisers. The nature of the company is actually quite unorthodox in that its promise isn’t vast returns on capital. It actually claims to provide high-volume app downloads through its network of influencers as well as give social influencers direct communication to major brands.

In this review, we look at the legitimacy of The BLU Market’s services, whether or not they can be relied on, and how those who’ve been dissatisfied with their experience can go about getting their money back.

Is The BLU Market a Licensed Broker?

In terms of licensing, The BLU Market doesn’t need to abide by the same regulations as binary brokers since it doesn’t deal in currency. That being said, there’s no information on the website as to the companies it allegedly partners with and whether or not they’re licensed to operate in their industries.

If you’re a social influencer within finance, for example, you’ll want to be partnered with companies that are fully regulated to operate internationally. Otherwise, you risk damaging your growth as well as the credibility of your channels. The BLU Market gives zero indication as to the industries it’s involved in, the major brands it works with, and how it goes about performing its services.

With such little information available, you’re better off growing your socials organically or turning to companies that are more transparent in how they operate.

Is The BLU Market a Scam or Legit?

The BLU Market was established by Kevin Jonas, a former member of the band Jonas Brothers. Though this name brings credibility, the website itself is nothing more than a landing page.

There are no details on the business itself, the companies it works with, how it delivers results, its pricing, or the influencers it apparently has in its network. It doesn’t even show any evidence of what it’s done for previous clients. This could be due to the company being relatively new, but the Jonas name shouldn’t be a reason to trust it - there are other, far more established companies out there that can deliver the same services with greater transparency.

All you can do on the website is send an email based on whether you’re an influencer or advertiser. The company gives absolutely nothing to go off and there are zero reasons as to why you should assume it to be credible. There isn’t even any contact information or an ‘About Us’ that explains more about what it can actually do for its clients.

Any company that’s reputable and has a lot to be proud of will always present its portfolio pride-of-place; even most scam brokers will create a website that’s at least alluring and seemingly trustworthy. In the case of The BLU Market, this just isn’t the case. In all likelihood, the company is either building slowly or a front for scammers.

Biggest Complaints Against The BLU Market

As of yet, there aren’t really any positive or negative reviews on The BLU Market. Take from that what you will. This could simply be that the company is yet to build any traction - for example, the LinkedIn page only has around 400 followers. But the summary alleges that the company possesses over 200 million users, though further information surrounding these users is unavailable.

What is clear is that the company was established in 2012, it has a suspicious website, and the company hasn’t been spoken about publicly since 2016. Plus, the URL is still owned by the same buyer. Based on the above, we’d recommend either avoiding this company or approaching it with caution.

Can I Get My Money Back From The BLU Market?

Without even so much as a contact number on the website, you’ll probably struggle to get your money back if you’re unsatisfied with the service you receive. But that doesn’t mean getting a refund is impossible - far from it. Thanks to the chargeback industry, even if The BLU Market isn’t supportive, you’ll have the backing of a company that will tirelessly work to get your bad investment back into your bank.

Chargeback firms have all the knowledge, experience, and ability to act that you’ll need in order to get your misplaced money returned to you. Attempting to recoup your funds alone is unnecessary when you can have the support of experts like these.

How Does the Chargeback Process Work?

Once you’ve arranged your free consultation with the right company, they’ll examine your evidence and assess whether or not your case stands a chance of being successful. If they think reclaiming your funds is possible, you’ll have a team of pros working relentlessly to get your money back. They’ll confront The BLU Market as well as tap into all the resources at their disposal - from the local authorities to the bodies that regulate this industry.

The chargeback company will keep you updated throughout the whole process, so all you’ll need to do is sit back and wait for your money to be returned. In most cases, this may take around six months.