Who Is Global InterGold? 

Global InterGold is a gold-trading platform based out of Manila, Philippines. The company was formerly known as EMGOLDEX PHILIPPINES before it changed its name due to action taken by both the SEC and the CCPC in Ireland. Though EMGOLDEX was shut down, the Global InterGold platform is still very much active and the company continues to lure in investors through social media to this day. This review looks at the legitimacy of Global InterGold, whether or not it’s a legitimate platform for trading gold, and the best approach you can take to get back the money you feel has been either stolen or misused.

Is Global InterGold a Licensed Broker?

The simple answer is no. It never has been licensed nor will it likely ever be. The SEC in the USA revoked its access to operate in the States after various complaints began emerging between 2010-2014, and the CCPC in Ireland issued its own warnings. 

The problem with unlicensed brokers is that, even though they’ll eventually be shut down, they have a small window of opportunity to take a ton of money from naive investors, and the authorities they’re supposed to be regulated by can’t do much to defend you. 

Working with offshore unlicensed brokers makes matters especially hard because navigating the reclamation process becomes substantially more difficult. For one, it’s a struggle to know where you’re supposed to turn, but what’s considered legal in one country might differ from the one you’re based in. As a piece of advice: be sure to look into the laws surrounding brokership that apply to your chosen broker, even if they have a reputation for being legit. 

Is Global InterGold a Scam or Legit?

Global InterGold is your typical MLM-style Ponzi scheme. It’s set up to connect both buyers and sellers of gold but offers incentives to people that recruit members through referral. The issue here is that, just like with all MLMs, only those at the top of the pyramid are the ones that benefit. Take one quick look at the website and you’ll find no means of contacting the company, there’s zero information on the firm itself, and you’ll have nothing to incentivize signing up other than some propaganda about gold. Between the spreadsheets and flowcharts, there’s really nothing there whatsoever that should convince you to place your trust - and money - in this company’s care. And let’s not forget the attention it’s received from the SEC and CCPC. 

Biggest Complaints Against Global InterGold

The concept of Global InterGold might seem enticing but sadly, the way the company operates leaves people out of pocket and even destroys relationships. Recruiting loved ones into such a system, though with the best intentions, only worsens the impact this company has on people and shows how heartless the proprietors actually are. 

As they say in the crypto world: ‘not your keys, not your coin’. With Global InterGold, you’ll never so much as see one gold bar, even if you allegedly own them. The website boasts the ever-increasing value of gold but the truth is, you’re entirely placing your trust into a company that claims its users have ownership and encourages people to profit by recruiting others. The only people that are actually profiting from this system are those that sit comfortably at the top.

Can I Get My Money Back From Global InterGold?

No doubt it feels like you’ve exhausted all options for reclaiming your money. But that’s likely because you’ve tried to tackle the issue alone. The good news is that, however much you’ve lost through Global InterGold, you can get your money back. Your best chance at doing so is by recruiting the expertise of one of the many chargeback companies out there that exist to help people just like you. 

Professionals in the chargeback industry dedicate their time, skill, and knowledge to get investors back on their feet. Whether it’s $2,000 or $20,000, these companies take every case seriously and do everything in their power to fight back against fraudulent brokers. 

How Does the Chargeback Process Work?

Start by choosing one of the many experienced chargeback companies out there and arrange your free consultation. Either use the contact form on the team’s website or reach out via telephone and an experienced team member will get back to you to discuss the nature of your complaint. Once you’ve provided the evidence they need, if your case has enough merit, the firm you’ve chosen to operate on your behalf will get straight to work. 

They’ll aggressively contact the broker itself as well as tap into the various resources that are at their disposal, such as local authorities, regulators, and, depending on the firm you choose, partnering legal firms. Simply sit back and let the pros do their job and within six months, you’ll have your money returned minus the small fee you’ll have to pay. 

Having such support greatly improves the likelihood of seeing your money return to your account and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive constant support and involvement throughout the whole process.