Who Is SliTrade? 

Based in California, Slitrade was an investment company that focused on Bitcoin and binary options. As of now, the website is currently shut down and is unable to provide services to new or past investors. Without proper regulation, a lack of vital information on its proprietors, and no peace of mind knowing who’s handling your money, this isn’t a company that should’ve ever been trusted.

Read our SliTrade review to learn more about this company and the exact steps you should take to get your money back. On top of that, you’ll also see what its previous investors have to say and what their experiences were when trusting this broker with their money. 

Is SliTrade a Licensed Broker?

There’s a reason SliTrade was shut down. Well, there are various reasons. But one of the most important ones was that the company never operated with the appropriate licenses it needed. This lack of licensing is exactly what allows scam brokers like SliTrade to disappear without a trace and leave its investors penniless. 

Before investing with any broker, you should ask yourself why they’re unregulated. If financial authorities don’t approve of them, then why should you trust them with your hard-earned cash? Put simply: you shouldn’t. 

The only brokers you should be using are those that are properly regulated, have a provable reputation, and have a decent portfolio. SliTrade never had even one of those important attributes, let alone the correct licensing. 

Is SliTrade a Scam or Legit?

SliTrade was without a doubt a scam. If a company can’t be trusted to get properly regulated and is shut down in just a few years, there’s no reason to believe it was anything but one giant red flag.

There’s no proof that SliTrade users made any profits whatsoever, and the company was clearly nothing more than just a way to line the pockets of its proprietors. Sadly, this is all too common. 

When the website was live, there was zero information available on the people behind the organization, which is never a good sign. Information on CEOs, MDs, and all types of senior management should be readily available, but this was never the case. 

Biggest Complaints Against SliTrade

The pure lack of information available on SliTrade is one of the biggest issues that past users face. Like most unregulated brokers, they’re able to entirely disappear, meaning account access, investor funds, and any means of contact all disappear overnight. 

Seeing these companies shut down is a good thing, but this often makes things difficult for those that have already invested their money. 

When you’re dealing with unregulated brokers like SliTrade, the complaints are always the same. The inability to contact customer service, being frozen out of your account, false promises on returns, and simply disappearing without a trace.

Can I Get My Money Back From SliTrade?

Honestly, not on your own you can’t. When a company disappears like this, your chances of getting back your misappropriated funds by sending a few emails is basically impossible. Even when these companies have a live website, their contact information is typically non-existent, especially the details of those that actually run the show. 

But going alone isn’t the way to get the action you need. If you’re in this position, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a whole industry that exists purely to defend and support people just like you. That’s people who’ve placed their trust in a company on the promise of fixed returns, only to find out that the organization they put their confidence in had just one thing in mind: taking every cent from naive, first-time investors that they can get their hands on. 

Chargeback companies have a ton of experience and knowledge at confronting scam brokers and are without a doubt the best option you have at retrieving your funds. In fact, it’s the only way of standing a real chance to get back what’s owed to you. 

How Does the Chargeback Process Work?

The chargeback process starts with you. There are plenty of companies out there that you can trust - all you need to do is arrange a free consultation and await a call from a team of experienced professionals. 

First, they’ll want to know all about your experience with the company, and any evidence you have - like transactions and correspondence - you’ll need to send over. Once your chargeback pro has reviewed it all and ensured there’s enough to build a case, they’ll immediately get to work. 

For you? This means sitting back and waiting to receive regular updates on your case. As for the team acting on your behalf, they’ll work tirelessly to pursue and confront the scam broker and come down on them hard. 

They’ll use the evidence you’ve provided as well as the resources they have at their disposal. If you choose the right company, there’ll be a law firm working alongside your dedicated team to apply even further pressure, which only increases your chances of getting back the money that you’ve lost. 

Though it may take a few months, and a small fee for the expertise you’ve relied on, you’ll get your investment back in no time.